29 December, 2012


 We survived Christmas.  Not with our usual cheer (they had 18" of snow in Vermont), but we cranked the air con and made the most of it.  Our usual Christmas morning bowl of chocolates (although sadly not filled with cherries and strawberries as well this year...right before Christmas the cherry prices went up to $10 per 100g, and the strawberries about the same)
 We had a curious cat with a lampshade (who now has a normal head...she had been spayed)
 ....with many photos featuring Remi and Ella.

Some interesting presents (although lots of deodorant related ones as well)
 The best thing about Christmas in Singapore was being able to skype our families on ACTUAL Christmas day.  Being in the same time zone (ish) really is a treat.

This week has gone by surprisingly fast.  I can't believe how long the kids have had off school already and how little we've done.  In order to remedy that, I took Remi and Ella (the only 2 who wanted to) to the bird park yesterday.

 We had lots of fun, and it was good to see that side of Remi again (he used to know the name of nearly every bird and read bird books for fun before his teenage years)
 It was a pretty exhausting day, so we made it home to have a quick nap before meeting Matt down in China town for dinner in a hawker center down there.

 The main reason was to meet up with an old friend, Pierre, who used to board with us years ago in New York.  I will always remember the whole 9/11 day as Pierre and watching TV and trying to get information from the internet together.  We haven't seen him for 11 years or so (well I haven't, or the kids)
 Pierre lives here with his Singaporean wife (who couldn't make it tonight)- we first met him in Singapore as his then girlfriend did some work for Matt.   He knows all the local dishes to order, and we ended up with this FEAST.
It was a lovely night though.


  1. And about time, you slack blogger....actually I thought the high point must have been your Dad learning to skype, not merely being nearly in the right time zone...lovely to see you in the bird zoo, I had forgotten that you took me there in that wonderful year 1999...All in all, apart from the fact that obviously Oscar and Kit decided to not be photographed looked like a not too bad Xmas.

  2. Of course the problem with skype is that people can break their Christmas present in full view of the givers... I love Ella's parasol - she is truly my bridesmaid. The photos with the parrots remind me of the ones of us feeding the parrots on the balcony of your flat in Sydney a loooooong time ago. And I love the building with the red shutters - it is such a relief to me that these buildings still exist in Singapore.
    And a nice bit of product placement in the first photo...
    Maggie XXXX


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