05 January, 2013

From the hospital

She doesn't look that sick, does she?

Two days of fever, headache, no appetite, eyes sensitive to light and a sore neck...yep, classic meningitis symptoms. I was keeping a very close eye on her, but yesterday morning she woke up saying she felt ok and we had all planned to go to the zoo with Matt.
So off we went. She didn't have a fever, but as the day progressed her neck got more painful and stiffer, so we came home and went straight over to the medical clinic. Blood tests were inconclusive and meningitis is just one of those things you don't take risks with, so the doctor wanted her to stay in hospital over night.

I managed to convince them that I didn't need to sleep on a camp bed as we live just across the road, so I went home and slept in my comfy bed with Waffle and came back early this morning.

She seems fine. They started her on antibiotics last night. She was supposed to go to a birthday party sleepover today, but I think we'll keep her home so she can have a good rest before school starts on Monday (and finish her Chinese homework!).

The zoo was great. Funny going back after all those years (and we used to go there all the time) and seeing what is different and what's the same. Our favourite things: the white tigers who were "playing" (a lot of snarling and growling), the python that was half way through swallowing a goat (we must have watched it for ages seeing of it could get over the shoulders), and the lemurs in the fragile forest which jump around you and you can get oh-so-close to.

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  1. Golly gosh. Is Ella home now? Very handy living opposite the hospital.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. oh WOW that is scary Georgia...thank goodness she is on the mend and hopefully they have stopped the progression of such a horrid thing like Meningitis ..get better soon Ella XXXX

  3. Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon.

    Btw...how could you watch a snake eating a goat! Eww!

  4. love to all, particularly Ella

  5. love to all, particularly Ella

  6. arrrrg my goodness George! Glad to hear all is ok. So good you live so close to the hospital. Miss Ella, we are all happy you are doing well. Love ya chooky xxxx

  7. Big hugs to Ella xxxx


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