05 January, 2013

More furry creatures

Thanks for all the kind wishes for Ella.  She's home now and the doctor feels certain it wasn't meningitis, just some kind of viral thing.  I am always surprised how 5 minutes with a patient on the ward is enough, but there you go.  Anyway, she's home and catching up on some homework and taking it easy.   

So, some more zoo photos.  Seriously, we loved those lemurs.
A lemur's foot.  Aren't they fascinating?  I think a lemur pillow needs to be done...featuring a foot!
 A fruit bat.  These were soaring over our heads in this small enclosure.  They are just lovely.
I also fell in love with the Douc Langurs (the map Ella's holding in the first photo has a picture of some).  An endangered species and so amazingly patterned.  Perhaps another pillow???

 And speaking of pillows, I have 4 more  to share:


  1. ADORABLE pillows! I'm especially loving the panda - too cute!

  2. I suppose the seal could be from Flinders Island.
    Hi Ella, now get on with that Chinese homework...
    Dad, grumpy etc watching news from Tassie.

  3. I'm thinking some of Steve's gargantuan pile of leather could be useful for lemurs' feet and bat wings. Also, I wonder if there's a market for snakey things with the Year of the Snake coming up - take heed Jake, this could be our year.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. I love the Panda too, I've met some Meercats recently at Zoodoo at Richmond and thought they were awfully cute - remember Remi's impression of one when he was 3 years old? mum xxx


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