13 December, 2012


Waffle keeps sitting on my boxer in progress and mushing his face up (maybe she's trying to tell me how she feels about dogs...), and I've been too sick, then too busy to get back to him.

But since I've been sweating my bum off (I hope literally) running around getting things ready for Ella's party (including playing the new Wii game, "Just Dance" which I got for the girls to play tomorrow night- so much fun!), I thought I'd share some more of the sketches that I did last week as possible cushion designs:

 Although I started working on saggy faced boxer (below) first, I think this upside down dog (above) may be my favourite.

 What do you think?  What animals would you like to see on a cushion?


  1. Perhaps a white faced corgi with blue eyes and a brown rear end would be interesting...otherwise black kelpies would have to be the most popular...

  2. no way can you not do them all...they belong together...XXX

  3. hmmmm stumping me with this one. After thinking long and hard can only come up with a tiger and a stoat in ermine. But I'm also thinking toadstools and the backs of people's heads. Of course seals are always cute...
    Maggie XXXX

  4. I went to see the Meercats at Zoo Doo yesterday and they are sooo cute! I'll send you a photo. mum xx


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