12 December, 2012

Shiny and bright

No, the weather is no better:
But after feeling quite low when I posted yesterday afternoon, I went to lunch with my girls.  I actually feel quite emotional when I think about this little group, "the Singapore Six", and how incredibly lucky we all are to have found each other.  They all inspire, amaze and amuse me.  I had a very awkward moment when they all started pulling out gifts that they'd thoughtfully selected and made for each of us and I had nothing.  But they are such a great group that they were more excited by the giving anyway.  I will get my own back at some point!

So I arrived home yesterday in a much better place.  I was feeling sufficiently up that I decorated our Christmas "tree".

 Although I am sure Waffle thinks it's a giant cat toy.  Consequently I haven't put the really breakable decorations on this tree, or at least down the bottom.
It is very hard to get good photos of kittens; they either move, or give you very strange looks.
 And I was wondering why Waffle had taken to sitting on this window ledge lately, until we saw a RAT sitting on the wall there the other day. EWHHH!  
And I've been busy trying to get things organised for this little girl who is having a birthday party on Friday night.  She turns 12 next week, but as school breaks up on Friday, she had to get in quickly before everyone jets off to various places.  Two of her friends are leaving for good over the break, so it was important to make time for a party.
 But we now have stocking hung, and the Christmas boxing Kangaroo flag up (for some reason it was in the Christmas box).

 And lots of baubles hung from various other places than the tiny cat toy tree.
And tonight I caved and bought 3 Christmas albums on itunes.  We have quite a substantial Christmas CD collection (in Vermont with our very substantial CD collection).  Matt's super duper holds every CD that we own ipod that was supposed to be an alternative to shipping boxes and boxes of CDs to Singapore died when it got wet in his pocket walking home one night.  So, new downloads it was!


  1. At least you are having a few mild days for the rest of the week, we are going to be mainly under 40 as well. Mind you anything over 35 is not much good for getting people to walk the street and visit galleries, particularly ones that aren't air conditioned.
    Happy birthday to Ella...have a lovely lead up to Xmas and don't forget to buy Matt a few CD's for Xmas.
    Dad etc.

  2. Happy birthday Ella xxxx

  3. Your house looks very Christmassy!!! Did you enjoy the rain this afternoon? Hope Ella's party goes well! Happy Birthday Ella!!! xx

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Ella, and a Wonderful Party.
    Grande Maggie XXXX

  5. Oh honey you need to come to Tassie...just read the last post. The Christmas decorations look lovely and you've inspired me - well I left some of them up on the window ledge all year because I couldn't bear to put them away, but I could now transfer them to a branch of greenery.

    Have a great party Ella for your birthday Ella! Nan xx


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