17 December, 2012


I was really worried when I agreed that Ella could have a sleep over for her birthday that the girls would run out of things to do.  So last weekend when I wasn't feeling well, I spent some energy making some things for a fun photo booth: eyes, glasses, mustaches, hats etc and a fairly wonky frame.
 This actually turned out to be quite a hit with the girls, especially after they'd seen the cropped and sepia versions I quickly did for them.
 Although it was Ella's birthday party, it was quite a sad evening with the girl above leaving for good the next day.  I have 5 hysterically sobbing girls at 9:30 at night when the taxi came to pick her up and take her home.  They've all been through the move at least once and it really hit them.  This was Ella's little mock up of saying good bye.

 And in typical Ella fashion she had to weird it up a little.
It was fun, and worth the effort to keep them entertained.  And for her birthday Ella got a polaroid camera, so she got to print some shots out for her friend to take with her...


  1. I think Ella is definitely an actress.
    Photo booth was a fabulous idea.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Fabulous fun, some omoney on it's way o you for a birthday pressie Ella and I hope to post a little Xmas parcel tomorrow. nan x

  3. What a fabulous idea....

    On another note, spoke to our Pet shop man in Brooklyn Heights and he is able to source crates that are airline approved if you need me to look into let me know.

    Nicola xxx


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