14 October, 2012

There's a storm brewing

 Today we took Remi, Kit and Ella for lunch at the club (since they hadn't been yet).  It was a really hazy day (and yes, Dad, that is a grass tennis court- there were people playing while we had lunch).
 As we were leaving we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance, and while it was so hot walking across the Padang back to the MRT station, I couldn't resist taking some photos of the dark and stormy skies.

 I found these posters outside the church (St. Andrews) quite intriguing.  The first one reads "you have missed a Facetime call with Jesus."

 This one "You have a friend request.  Jesus Christ.  Confirm Ignore."   Something just doesn't seem quite right about it all....


  1. So the cricket club also has grass tennis courts...how civilized is that...was it all built by Australians for Australians?

  2. Very nice at the Club...That Facebook approach to religion is a bit wierd but a sign of the times, but when we did the gospel choir to the afro American churches in the 90's it was the telephone: "Jesus is on the mainline tell him what you want" etc mum xxx


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