13 October, 2012

Postcard from SIngapore: Little India

Today Matt and I had the rare experience of a Saturday with absolutely no children around.  Kit and Ella had taken themselves off to visit friends, Remi was trying to make plans and Oscar was doing his usual Saturday Rugby-a-thon with coaching in the morning and a game in the afternoon.

So I took Matt off to Little India.  I forget that even though I am getting out and about, he really doesn't often get to see much outside the CBD (China town - where I haven't been yet).  Considering that we are only 6 bus stops from Little India, we thought at the very least we would go and have lunch.  

Which we did, and then walked around for ages.  I think the best parts of Little India are off the main drag, when you get into all the little side streets.  I am so in love with these old shop houses.  It makes me so happy when I see them.  I would prefer these to a shiny big air conditioned mall any day, although obviously I see their limitation in terms of being places of business.

 It's coming up to the Hindu festival of Deepavali and Serangoon Rd is decked out in these fantastic decorations going all the way up.  It didn't capture on the iphone, but they really glow all the way up the street.

 We also stumbled upon this fantastic outdoor market which I think is set up just for Deepavali.  It was a riot of colour with things dangling down from the ceiling everywhere.  As Matt said, "it actually makes you feel like you're in a foreign country".

It was good to get out and see some culture.  I have been thinking lately that Singapore is more about Consumerism and commercialism rather than culture...and while Little India is mostly shops, it is also a very authentic representation of one aspect of Singaporean culture.


  1. And the food?...Think I would be spending some more time in little India...and a sort of serious question, do the kids play cricket in little India?

  2. LOVE all that vibrancy and colour...i can just smell all the aromas as well...thank you fro taking us there....XXX

  3. Im excited to come visit one day, you will know all the cool places to take me!!!!

  4. Ooh I'd like to go shopping there. Did you buy anything and are you finding it expensive out there?

    Also why is there so much building - is it like China where they are just knocking down the old to modernise?


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