15 October, 2012

Finally, some makings

I signed myself up to be a vendor at the school's secret Santa fair.  It's for the kids to choose presents for their parents.  When I first sent them the email asking if they would consider me, I didn't realise that everything for sale has to be priced under $20.  Quite a challenge actually.  Although I still have plenty of bits and pieces from last year's craft fair, it's always nice to be making new things, and crocheting little baskets and paperweights is a fun way to spend a little bit of time now and then.  I particularly love the little baskets - for putting rings or earrings into.  The bigger baskets are made with paper twine, which is rather challenging to crochet with, not least because you can't wet it to help get it into the shape you want!


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  2. Good to see some movement at the station, so to speak.

  3. Perhaps a shop and house in Little India next?
    Maggie XXXX


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