20 October, 2012

Sugar skulls

Kit and Ella are having a big Halloween bash at their school in November (only a few days late) and Ella, as usual, has been planning her costume for months.  We talked about using an old ballet costume and vamping it up.  I've been wanting to try and face paint mexican sugar skulls for a while now, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  But we needed a practice run.
 Definitely could be  better, and I botched the chin a bit (and the nose needs a bit of paint underneath) but she loves it.
 I love watching her take on a persona when she's dressed up.

And sorry for the appalling light in the photos.  It's black as night and raining cats and dogs out there.  The reason I haven't been around this week....because I knew I would end up moaning about the rain that we've been having EVERY DAY!!!!


  1. Beautiful, in a halloweeny sort of way... A few marigolds a la the Mexican night of the dead (or something like that) would go well too. Steve wants me to tell you that we think the kids are wonderful - and we do.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. cant believe how TALL Ella looks..love the character she seemed to slip into in the pics...very nice...Happy Halloween

    1. Ha! She's not tall; she's one of the shortest in her class. She's just long and lean.

  3. oh Ella....... you LOOK AWESOME! I want your Mum here to do all the girls costumes xxx

  4. Wow Ella that's fantastic - you look scarey!!! Nan xx


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