15 October, 2012

More Little India

Today I took myself off for a big long walk, with just my camera, a few dollars and my metro card (in case I needed to catch the bus home).  I love walking with my camera as it makes me look at things in a different way.  I must say, though, that there were plenty of photos I would have liked to have taken, but I often feel like I have to do it all in stealth mode....that it somehow can offend people.  I spoke to Oscar about this and he said he feels the same way.  Would love an experienced photographer's point of view (Chelsea?).  Anyway, I walked for 2 hours, saw some new areas and had sweat marks in areas I didn't know you could!  
 The penthouses of some of these high rises look like they have such amazing spaces.
 3 very different styles of architecture all next door (these are apartments)
 And again...
 I went past this Buddhist temple a week ago in a car and I've been dying to walk around and take some photos.  There was a ceremony taking place while I was there with chanting and incense so I just took some from the street.  I love that it is right next door to a Church of Christ.

 Can you see the enormous statue of Buddha up the back?

 I loved this little old couple on their bicycle.  They weren't going that much faster than me.  I wonder if Matt will transport me around like that one day....?
 I tried to capture these street decorations again.  I noticed today that they all have lights on them, so I really want to go back and see it at night.
 I'm not sure if it's the colours, or the details or both that I love so much with these old shop houses.

 I think it has something to do with the shape of the windows and the shutters as well.
 Not to mention the traditional tiles as featured in this one.

 More Deepavali gaudiness.

 The wet market below is an amazing place - a real assault for the senses.  By the time I got there it was mostly closed, but on the weekend it stays open much later.  Lots of "butchers" selling lamb and goat, some muslim ones selling beef.  There's fish and spices and vegetables and eggs.  I love the idea of shopping at a place like this, but I honestly find it a bit overwhelming.


  1. Brings back memories..... The wet market is a great place to shop, don't be overwhelmed, just know what you are going in to buy :)

  2. Lovely post, no doubt a place to take your Dad

  3. That couple on the bicycle don't look that old to me... Those house shops are the way to go.
    Maggie XXXX

  4. What an incredible mix of architecture. My favourite pics were the bangles and the 3 birds having a conversation. mum xx

  5. My favourite pic is the bike under the tree :)


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