30 October, 2012


Thanks to those who have wished me well.  I am recuperating.  Still waiting for results of my tests last week but in the mean time I have had a(nother) bout of shingles.  Seems to hit me when I am really run down (the second bout this year).  But I'm on medication, so just giving myself a few days of recuperation to get over it all.  I get it on my face where there are risks of complications with eyes and ears and it's just not worth taking any risks.
In the mean time I have been keeping busy.  Making a few little things for the fair I'm doing in December.  I have to say that I love these little felt brooches that I've been doing (the flower on blue was my first, and I have definitely refined them since then).  The little hanging hearts are fun to do too.  Great things to be doing while listening to audio books.

And a gratuitous photo of a fishtail I did in Ella's hair the other day for Aunty Chelsea...
Thinking of all my friends on the North Eastern seaboard of the US.  I'm hoping that someone will send me some photos of our old house in Connecticut after Sandy has passed through.  I hope everyone stays safe.


  1. Thanks for that, was getting a tad worried about my little gal.


  2. how long did that take you?!!!!!! He he, that would have taken me FOREVER. It is utterly gorgeous. When you come to visit, there is a pic i want to do with Ella and Bethan of two girls plaits plaited together... photo shoot time!!!!

  3. Hope you continue to feel better. Update from NE - the Shorts doing okay, Estelle & Henrik were up in Vermont, lost power for a while, but now back on. Dumbo was badly hit - not sure about their apartment, so was probably a god send they were in Vermont. Emma is without power in lower Manhattan, Leighton stuck in Aus....

  4. So sorry the shingles came back and you haven't been well. Trying to ring but it keeps saying you're offline, so not sure now that I have the right Skype address.
    Happy Hallowean!

    mum xx


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