02 November, 2012


There are certain American traditions that we really took on.  Thanksgiving for one (it's like Christmas but without the presents) and Halloween.  I think partly it has to do with how much we could feel the changing of the season in the North East.  It just felt right to celebrate it somehow.  And for all those Aussies who pooh pooh Halloween saying it's American and that it doesn't have a place in Australia, I get that too.  But just think how much fun all the kids have when they get to dress up for Book Week at school.  There's something about dressing up and going out into the neighbourhood which is just so much fun.  And throw in a stash of sugar and who wouldn't!?  Funnily, the amazing hoards of chocolate that Aussie kids get at Easter is very close to what goes on with Halloween in the US... and American Easter is not like that at all.

But I digress.

Kit and Ella's school is having their big Halloween "trunk or treat" at school tonight.  We marked the actual night very lightly with a bit of decoration and a bowl of smarties after dinner.  But it just didn't feel right in the heat, and with everything going on in the US with hurricane Sandy.  But tonight should be fun.  I plaited Ella's hair last night ready to make it frizzy this afternoon.  She has her costumed packed and I'll take it up to school for her and to paint her face.  Kit has some lame witty "costume" worked out which involves sunglasses and not much else.  After the festivities for the whole school there's going to be a dance for the older kids which I'm chaperoning...fun times.  And Remi's school is having a bash tomorrow where Remi was apparently signed up by his friends to dress up as a fairy and paint nails.  (I do regret somewhat that I don't have much (anything) to do with Remi's school, but I find their communication with parents really bad...I didn't even know that this bash tomorrow was for families until I got an email saying it was sold out. Never mind.)

And Matt and Oscar will be busy this weekend at the international rugby 7s that is being held at the cricket club.  Matt has the day off work today so that he can work at the club marshalling teams.  Oscar is doing time keeping and scoring tomorrow.  I don't think I will see much of them over the weekend, although as members, we can go down and watch over the weekend, so I suppose I'll have to.


  1. Have a good weekend --- and join me celebrating.
    Dad (the chuffed one)

  2. I found our Halloween decorations the day of Halloween so I put some up then packed them away the next day!!! The girls went trick or treating to my sister SArah's street. Awesome! How are your shingles going? xxx

  3. I was away at singing boot camp on the weekend, so just catching up with the blogs.Hallowean sounds like fun over there too. I suppose it's too much to hope for a photo of Remi as a fairy with painted nails??????

    mum xxx


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