24 October, 2012


Of course, the moment I have all the kids off school, and things planned to do with them, I get sick. A funny sort of sick where I just feel Blah and tired and nothing in particular. Thought it w a virus, but no real symptoms have eventuated. Went off to the doctor today for blood tests as I am never sure if it's just my thyroid with the medications not being quite right or something else.

But it means that we haven't really done much so far this week. At least (touch wood!) we haven't seen rain like this all week, like last week:

I'm not even sure if you can see how heavily it's raining there, but seriously when it rains here, it really rains. Fill a bucket in minutes kind of rain. And when you throw in lighting right over head, it all becomes a bit much. But this week has been hot and sunny....good weather for all my friends off on holiday in Bali and Thailand.

But even with all the nice weather, all I've managed this week is to make a cummerband for Oscar from the blue and gold dragon silk fabric in this photo at the back.

The 3 of us (as long as I'm feeling well enough) have a black tie function at the club tomorrow night, although here, thankfully due to the heat, they do "red sea rig" instead of a full black tie jacket. This meant that Oscar needed a cummerband, and I was totally up for the challenge. I took the photo above in the fabric store so he could choose which fabric. I have to say that I think it is the best thing I have ever made from a pattern and it looks amazing. I will take photos of him in it tomorrow.

Right, off to bed to try and shake whatever it is that has hold of me right now.

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  1. hi honey, I hope you're feeling okay now, and that you were able to enjoy a fabulous night out. I imagine that Osar looked very dashing. I really want to ring you, but I'm not sure whether you still have a landline in the new house. I'll try & ath you online and Skype you. mum xx

  2. Sorry, I'm having trouble with the 'c' key, that was meant to be 'catch' you. I has an email returned because it read 'hotmail.om' that's what alerted me. x

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    That,s no good you are sick. Hope ya get better soon. Pretty tiring moving, maybe it's all caught up with you. Looking forward to seeing Oscar all dressed up xx chels

  4. Just read a mention of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore - rave review by Max Bourke in Australian Garden History Society journal. Maybe when you're well again...
    Maggie XXXX


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