22 October, 2012

a little tour

First day of the Kit and Ella's week long holiday.  Remi's already been off a week and has this week too.  I've hardly seen him as he's been going off to hang out with friends.  But I really feel that this week we should get out and do something....let's just hope it doesn't rain (HA!)

So very quickly this morning I did a little video of the downstairs of the house.  I was going to do the upstairs, but I accidentally walked in on Ella as she'd just stepped out of the shower, so I'll do that another day.

No sound, so you can watch it with the volume turned down.  The house is very much a work in progress, and I even left the washing I'd been folding on the dining room bench in the shots (nice that the picture is frozen on that!).

In case you got lost.  I came in the front door to the small entry way (which needs a lot more sorting), had a look down to the bomb shelter, went through the dining room to the kitchen (dry then wet), out the back door to the laundry area with the maid's room and bathroom (it's empty because we don't have a maid), back in through the dinning room, lounge room, out onto the little balcony, and started going up the stairs to the bedrooms.  Hope it gives you a better idea of this strange house.


  1. Thanks George, It looks good and I'm sure all the stairs will keep you as fit as fit. I'm trying to imagine Honey there, sliding over the floor. She'll have fun with those stairs. mum xx

  2. awesome! ANd you have hung pictures already. That always makes a house look like home. Ahhh the stairs!!!!

  3. I think there should have been a pause on one item I glimpsed a couple of times....good fun.

  4. The stairs look delectably cool for hot, sore feet. I like strange houses.
    Maggie XXXX

  5. wow with all those stairs you are going to be so fit...i love the fact you have all those levels though ...sure makes for an interesting house...you have already made it your own with your pieces of art and objets d'art around...it feels like home i am sure.


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