19 September, 2012

Postcard from Singapore

Kopi Tiam

Although there are coffee shops all over Singapore, most of them are unbelievably expensive.   We tend not to go to the western coffee houses.  For us, if we have coffee out, it's local coffee shops where they serve "Kopi" (except for the place I mentioned the other day where they have JUGS! of iced coffee).

Kopi Indonesian/Malay style coffee which is very strong and often sweet.  You can't just ask for it with milk, you have to ask for milk (evaporated) and no sugar otherwise you get sweetened condensed milk.  Matt knows all the terminology (Kopi O, Kopi C, etc which will make it black, white, hot, cold etc), but we manage to bumble our way through.  Of course this is a nice chain one in a big mall.  I haven't gone totally local with my coffee yet.
 I find I can only have one of these a day as they are STRONG.
 There's a little bakery attached where I go often to grab something for Kit and Ella to eat after school.  These bakeries are really cheap.  The other day I got 5 pastries for S$6.  Oscar finally worked up the courage to try the "floss" rolls.  We'd been looking at them for weeks trying to work them out.  He went for a regular floss.  In his words:
"you can taste the calories"
"it's like a roll with butter and some kind of porky flavoured meat product"
Not sure that he's a fan.  I am also still not really sure what floss is???


  1. ewwwww, porky flavoured.....

  2. Pure cholesterol. You're having fun exploring the shops! I wonder whether they do half strength coffees there Maybe not.

    mum xx

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Floss is shredded, fried, sweetened, either chicken or pork.

    Matt Himself.

  4. "Kopi-o kosong" = black coffee no sugar. "Kopi-o sui dai" = black coffee with just a little a little sugar.

  5. I recall having some of this "fluffy" dried meat - I think the Chinese like it too. Great fun trying new foods! x


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