21 September, 2012

out with the girls

The 4 of us (plus one mother in law) were all very excited yesterday as we had planned an outing to the mythical Taylor B's.  Mysterious blog posts like this and this had us giddy as school girls.
After one false start, we found the right building and behold, there was the service lift as stated.
 The inside looked a bit like a scungy night club (not that I frequent scungy night clubs) and of course, Rebecca dressed to match.
 Up we went, tension building....
 Then the lift doors opened onto this nearly 5' buddha; things were looking good.
 The "shop" itself is massive, with a lot of stock and Katy Perry (egh!) and the like blaring out.  There were excited expat women everywhere and it had kind of a party atmosphere.  BUT....  I just wasn't that taken with any of the furniture really.  The prices are definitely good, but they display their prices really weirdly.  The first "number" is a letter with A=1, B=2 etc.  So E34=$534.  Strangely enough, it makes everything seem more expensive; I saw a K and gasped!  It was mostly fairly blah modern stuff.  Cheapest outside furniture I've seen so far, so I may have to go back when it comes to having things to sit on outside.
 After our disappointment (no one bought ANYTHING!) we had to go out to lunch to regather.  And Coloured drinks were required.
Today we are off on another adventure, this time to a pottery warehouse.  We'll see how that one goes....


  1. So M99 is $1299? and Z21 is $2621? Bizarre

  2. But what a great adventure, and so much fun with the other women! I loved reading the other blog as well... that must have really assisted you in finding the place, mum xx


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