19 September, 2012


I am finding it so hard to blog at the moment.  A mixture of not wanting to carry around my camera with me (or when I do, forgetting to take photos), and being busy a lot of the time.  I have been to some amazing furniture stores, helped my friend buy some gorgeous carpets (all of which places have a no photo in the store policy).
  I'm thinking I need to lock myself into at least one weekly post entitled "postcards from Singapore" looking at some of the more random/interesting sides of life here.  And today Matt gave me his old iphone, so I will be able to take photos out and about.  There is something so obvious and in your face about taking photos with a camera that you don't have with a phone.  So that's my goal and I'll start today after I've done this post.  Inspired by the lovely Simmy's request for some more info about life here in SG. 

Sunday at the pool:
But first, some photos taken down by the pool on Sunday evening.  It has become our habit on Sundays to spend a couple of hours at the pool.  After our hours long lease signing at the house on Sunday, it felt nice to just hang out by the pool.  And since we won't be here at the serviced apartments  for too much longer I thought I should share some photos.

 Making our mark:
I had a lovely day with the girls yesterday.  I took them to Mustafa centre mainly to buy some decently priced toiletries for Kit and Ella to take when they go on their (separate) week long camps to Malaysia in two weeks time.  We, of course, had a riot of a time.  I'm waiting for my friend Rebecca to update her blog on the trip because she took photos, and she has a real way with words (hint hint, Rebecca), then I'll link you over there.  To summarize the day: me getting on the wrong bus and driving the Singapore Grand prix route (this Saturday) in the bus, security alarms, fire drills in Mustafa's, fabric, good Indian food for lunch, walking in the heat and falling asleep on the couch in the evening only to wake myself up snoring.  It was a good, but EXHAUSTING day.
 After lunch I took the girls for a tour of my new house.  I left the bags of heavy toiletries there (did I mention that yesterday was HOT).  Today I went back to the house to take some more stuff over.  We are moving in little by little, as we can only fit 2 suitcases in a cab each time we go and we had....have....8 or so when we arrived.  Plus, we have accumulated more bits and pieces, not to mention our airshipment that was sent over with more suitcases, a Mac and 2 guitars.

And I was dying to take some photos of this gorgeous sari I bought at Mustafa's yesterday (for only (S$38)
My plan is to make some kind of wall hangingy thing to cover this ugly piece of built-in-ness.  At some point there was a flat screen TV attached to that black wood panel, but the TV that's there doesn't go on it, and all the bits (there are more screws and holes that you can't see) have been left there to look really ugly.  I though it would look cool covered in some way.  Nothing I can't manage with a staple gun and some scissors.  6 1/2 metres of gorgeous fabric to work with!  And I'll have some left over for cushions (have to buy a sewing machine at some point).
 My and Ella's owl also got a home.
 Oh, and here was my other splurge at Mustafa's.  All of S$12.90.  It's a shawl, but I will either hang it from a wall or drape it over something.  It is actually very blue, but the camera kept picking up all the red.

 And while I'm on our house, I thought I'd share a few more photos.  The view from our front balcony. That's a school across the road there, and I'd really like to put up some kind of screen with some greenery for a bit of privacy.

 And, even after seeing the house twice, it was only on the weekend that I noticed that Ella's room (which I'll also share as my studio until Oscar moves out) has all these mirrors.
 We were joking that she could set it up as a dance studio.
 And this is the landing right outside our bedroom which is the other option for a studio, but anyone having seen how messy I am when I work would know that that won't work.  It also gets hot there during the day with the sun on those windows.
 And to compliment the photo that Remi took looking down, here's looking up from the 2nd level of the 3rd level and the roof deck entrance.
Once we move in properly, I might do a video showing you around because it's not an easy place to visualise.  I can't wait to start moving in some furniture!


  1. its going to looks fantastic once you put your mark on it. I love how use rich fabrics Its always so you. Cant wait to visit one day!

  2. Georgia thanks for all the wonderful photos. I can't wait to go shopping at Mustafa's. I remember combing around those little shops in Halland Village looking at texiles. Is Oscar moving out? Have I missed something? mum xxx

  3. Or, if a screen is tricky to rig up, you could place a couple of those gorgeous pots from the pottery with plants in them to screen off the school. mum xx

  4. I wanna go to Mustafa's! Seriously though beautiful sari fabric you've got. Knowing you and your eye for style I can see that you'll whip it up into something amazing quite soon. In fact can't wait to see what you do to the apartment - looking forward to seeing it change over the weeks and months.

    Amber off to Uni next w/end and I was thinking that it's so nice that you and Oscar have this time together to potter around. She's been working her socks off all summer to earn some money for the next term so I haven't seen that much of her and soon she will be off ...........


  5. WOW Georgia the house looks great...love the visit to the pottery place and i would have loved to be let loose in the reject pile too...sad about the Ex pat shopping spree. but i guess they think you have pots of money to spend hence the high prices for the ugly stuff...sometime you might find a genuine bargain .. don't write that sort of shopping off totally...love the sari by the way good find...happy unpacking.. Christmas come early for you all...Love form Me XXXXX

  6. That is so exciting Georgia. I'm thirsty for more. Have sent your email on to Monique who is Singapore until the end of October. Thought it would be nice if you could meet.
    The pool looked glorious and my only really good memory of Singapore is having a fabulous pool almost to myself. Was only there for 48 hours.
    Ella looks so happy as well she might. Must almost be like landing in a dream world.


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