21 September, 2012

dragon kiln

Today's outing was to the Thow Kwang clay artists' dragon kiln out in Kranji.  The best thing about having a "posse" is that different people hear about different places to go.  And we are so lucky to have a cheeful driver; the lovely Ruth.  More info about this place can be found here , and their website, which talks about the dragon kiln,  is here.  

This outing was a bit of a hike and we were all a bit subdued after yesterday's disappointment.  But when we pulled into the carpark and saw this we all started to perk up a bit.

 This place is HUGE!  It's like a maze of pottery, that goes on and on and on.
 This is the dragon kiln.  So called because it snakes back a long long way.  If you are interested, take a look at their website, but I think they basically rebuild the entrance every time they fire.
 Ok, so I took some random photos (with the iphone -excuse the crappy photos), so hopefully you can get a feel for the experience.
this photo tried to show how far all these "rooms" went back.  It was just pots on pots on pots.  The screen in the foreground is actually the kind of thing I am looking for out the front, but none of these were quite right.

 I love this pot below.  I'm not sure what these are for...just planters?  But they are glazed inside?
 I am totally in love with this red glaze with the drippy blue, but not the shapes of the pots.
 And look at these amazing table tops they sell.  Seriously, it's a tree!
 I am really intrigued by this.... I poked my camera through the shelves and this was all over the ground behind.  I think it was pots that didn't make the grade....and archeologists dream (nightmare?) in a few thousand years time...

Seriously, this place went on and on and on.   I'm at the stage where I really can't justify buying things of beauty, as right now I need to spend Matt's hard earned money on beds, and a couch and chairs for our dining table (amongst many other things).  But there are some amazingly beautiful things, and just SO. MUCH. STOCK!  And I didn't even take photos of the gorgeous "drum" ceramics in various colours.

At the end of the day, none of us bought anything (I know! We were shocked too), even though the prices were very reasonable.  TOTALLY made me want to get back into pottery though.  Glazes. SIGH.

And tomorrow our shipment is being delivered to the house.  I am SO excited to unpack...it's been more than 4 months.


  1. That's SOOO exciting- totally makes me want to do a course there! I love some of those glazes as well. mum xxx

  2. That's SOOO exciting- totally makes me want to do a course there! I love some of those glazes as well. mum xxx

  3. "Drum" ceramics??? photos please

  4. boggling place!
    I checked you out on Woo Pig - I love the dress you wore to Mustafa's and lunch.

  5. maggie, you have mentioned that you love this dress before- I wore it in Cayman. I love it too; it's like a t-shirt with a tie around the waist. I'm looking out for some funky t-shirt fabric so I can replicate the pattern. Best travel dress ever.

  6. Well I must really love it!!! It's reminded me I have some similar material but not stretch. I bought it to wear as a sarong - but maybe I could do better... if not easier.

  7. I love the field of dicarded pots ! Good luck unpacking.


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