05 September, 2012

Looking out

 I am feeling very bad for neglecting my blog so much lately.  No happy crafting going on, and not a lot of "sight seeing"to show.  Today I went out house hunting from 10:30 -2:30, seeing 7 properties (enough to make your head spin) and tomorrow I  have another day of it.    But before I went out this morning, I quickly snapped some photos out the windows of the apartment here.

 And as you can see, we did manage to find some windows that would open.  Today was lovely and cool (for Singapore standards) so we had the windows open for a bit.
The house hunting was exhausting, but informative and confirmed my view that a house over apartment is more what we are looking for.  I want to say that we found somewhere, but there are way too many variables to say that yet.  I will say that I am taking Matt back to look at one place tomorrow, though.  After a whole other round of looking at places.   Today I saw some quite depressing places and I really feel like finding somewhere that we are happy to come home to, somewhere where the kids (and us) want to invite friends would make all our lives so much happier.  But O.M.G. places are SOOOOO expensive here.  We are talking double what we paid a month in the US, at least (although in $SG).

Tonight we caught up with an old friend from Uni who is in town for a week.  I can't believe how many old "connections" we are making here....last week I walked past a woman I knew in Sydney, not a friend as such and she didn't recognise me, but I feel like running into people I know here is totally not surprising.  It feels a bit like that bar in Star Wars (I can't remember which one) with all the aliens hanging out together in some kind of weird cosmic road house.  


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  2. Hi honey, I'd forgotten how high rise it is. What is the apartment house - is it more like a house? I hope you find something really lovely that you all feel at home in. mum xxx

  3. he he, I love that you likened it to the bar in Star Wars. Good to hear your updates xxx


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