07 September, 2012


 I am in love with this cheap little owl that I bought in one of the Asian knick knacky shops I mentioned last week.
 He's a tooth pick holder.
Off to look at more places today.  Didn't sleep last night thinking about the places I saw yesterday and Honey.  Still trying to fine tune bringing her over - I may have to fly over to get her.  I hate those festering stresses.  We miss her so much.  At one of the houses I saw yesterday, there was a little skippity dog who showed us round to every room. Sweet.


  1. So when is Honey anticipated, got his passport?

  2. What is the scoop with honey, haven't heard from you in a while. Let us know…..

  3. .... hope she gets to you guys soon. She will be over the moon to see you guys again!


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