03 September, 2012

Hanging in

I feel I really should give you all an update after my woeful wallow in self pity last week. You knew it was coming; it always does. Of course the moment that I had posted, I knew I had to buck up and pull myself together, so I went out for a walk. I walked up to an old shopping center I used to take the kids to a lot, just to see if it had changed and was pleased to find some poky little Asian knick knacky shops (my favourite) that I spent a few hours browsing in. It made me feel much better. The following morning, my new friend, Rebecca, dragged me along to a school function and afterwards we went out with 3 other women and I have to say it, had a lovely afternoon. I feel very lucky to have met Rebecca, as we seem to have a lot in common and she is always good fun.

On the weekend we caught up with some old friends from Sydney who now live here and had a really nice evening. Ella and their oldest are around the same age and they got on really well which was lovely.

Kit and Ella both got call backs for the play....we are waiting to see if they will get more call backs this week. The drama teacher said she had 80 kids audition for a play with 19 parts. I am really happy with Kit and Ella's school. I love the emphasis on the arts and the two of them seemed to have settled in really well. They both go away for a week long camp in Malaysia at the start of October (to different places), something they are both really excited about.

So things are ticking along. Still some stresses that I am trying to deal with (like the power being turned off in our VT because the US postal service hasn't been redelivering our mail to Matt's NY office like they were supposed to - took Matt's mail man weeks and meetings with the post master to track down the mail), and I'm struggling a bit with the relocation people who are not being overly helpful in finding us a place to live (they haven't shown us anywhere yet), and did I mention this apartment is small? I think I will feel better about everything once I know we have a "home" to move into.

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  1. Go girl! You are very good at making friends, and the rest will fall into place. Kit and Ella's school sounds great.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. a bit of spark in there, great, as for the across the world cock ups...ne worry pas.


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