30 August, 2012


We are all finding it a bit of an adjustment trying to find a rhythm to our family life. Mornings greet us feeling very sleepy, with lots of reminders needed about school hats, lunches, swim gear etc.

Both Kit and Remi got their Mac lap tops this week (Remi's we had to buy), Ella gets hers today.

Remi had his first school rugby training last night and managed to get himself home on public transport. He seems to stay up past midnight every night doing homework and I'm not sure if it's due to the rigors of the IB programme or the distractions of facebook, but fortunately he can sleep on the private school bus in the morning.

We haven't made it to any dance classes yet. I still can't get my head around the kids coming home from school so late, and it just seems too much to drag them out again. Ella is very tired after school each day. And they haven't even really started doing homework, so I am not sure how it will all work. And at the same time I know they are desperate to start. Today Kit and Ella are both auditioning for the school play (midsummer's night dream), so I will have to meet them up at school at 4:30 to help navigate their way home. And to bring them food.

I don't like to focus on the negatives, but I am finding it hard. I rush in the morning to get them out the door and then feel the day stretching out before me (and Oscar). Nothing opens until 10 or 11. Everyone is coming home in the evening at different times (or going out again). I am cooking for 6 although it's rarely more than 3 of us sitting down to eat at any one time. Matt and I are like ships in the night. And while I am supposed to be looking for a place to live, I am very much limited by waiting for people to get back to me. And tied to the wifi and phone in the apartment waiting.... My dreams the last few nights have been taunting me; house hunting in your dreams is no fun at all - you don't sleep well and it's no good to you if you actually find something you like. So I am feeling tired and out of sorts, and quite overwhelmed. I know this is all part of the adjustment period, I've been here before. But I still find it hard.

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  1. Just a thought, get yourself a sketch pad, a couple of pencils and a quarter of an hour...just one sketch a day...

  2. I can completely understand honey, and you haven't been able to put roots down yourself. Good idea of your dad's. I was going to suggest you and Oscar enrol in an art class together. You must be missing having a car! Hopefully you'll be able to find a place to live that's a bit more central to everything? mum xxx

  3. arg, hard times yes... its hard being in that transition when you move. Hope you find a house soon and all settles down. Soooo good to chat last night xxx


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