07 September, 2012

Cooking chicken, Singapore style

Matt bought a whole chicken in the supermarket to cook the other day.  It was all packaged up (and from the very western supermarket) looking exactly like the whole chickens we are used to buying.

When he opened it up to cook last night, this is what we found...

Yep, a WHOLE chicken.  And he did cook it ALL up, chopped up with rice.  I didn't actually have any because we took food down to the pool with my new friend, and she brought pizza...but that's what we'll be eating tonight.

In other news, both Kit and Ella got into the play.  Kit got the part of Demetrius, Ella will be a fairy with a speaking part, but she doesn't know which one yet.  They are both very happy.

We found out yesterday that our shipment arrived in Singapore, so it has to go into storage until we have a place to move into.  We are putting in an offer on a place  (a semi detached house) today.  Cross your fingers for us.  


  1. At least you now know you are in Asia. A much happier post, nearly must have time to comment on some other blogs by now.

  2. Brings back memories - and not necessarily good ones. We are up here in Vermont and were over by your neighborhood and realised that you were no longer here - very sad. Had dinner with Estelle and Henrik tonight who say hello. Gone quiet on the Honey front - what's the scoop?????

  3. Screech!! I bet there were reactions all around. I don't think I could have eaten it! How funny, though. Good news for the kiddos in the play and about the semi-detached. Fingers crossed and I look forward to seeing a photo if you're successful in getting that place. I'm watching Dr Who so thought of you all.
    mum xx

  4. eeeeeek. I remember scooping into some soup in Vietnam and out came a chicken foot. I quickly re dipped!!! and then watched one of Dave's friends gnaw away at it!!! Ohhhh shall be crossing fingers for you on the house.... I already have everything crossed anyway xx

  5. I was sure Steve would tell you the story of how I went off to get lunch at the Summer Palace in Beijing and came proudly back with a pack of delicious looking roast chicken - and yes there inside was the head and feet...


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