12 September, 2012

A tentative post

I have been a little reluctant to post these photos, although at the same time DYING to share.  This is (should be) our house.  The reason for the tentativeness; well, we had some issues with the real estate agent telling us we had it before we actually did...some hard ball negotiating over the weekend (where we were prepared to walk away) and it looks like we will be signing everything up on the weekend.   Earlier than we wanted a place (part of the issue) and without a fridge or washing machine (definitely one of the issues), but the location is great (one bus stop to Novena MRT for those who care), it has 5 bedrooms and a bomb shelter (what every house needs), a yard and an amazing roof top deck.

 It is a semi detached over 5 or more levels/half levels = lots of stairs
The bomb shelter.  Thankfully this house also has a maid's room, so if we get a helper (and we probably will) they won't have to sleep down there (a lot of new places double up).  A good place to store stuff...I even suggested Oscar could set up a dark room down there.
 Not a huge living area, but it's all kind of split into areas with the dining room below before the kitchen.  A bit of clever furniture placement may be needed...

 And the special bit for us...the big deck which is up high and has lovely breezes.  No big high rise directly around us, but plenty of construction in the distance to keep an eye on.
 And there is even a bit of yard for Honey when she comes (not for a few months still).
Hopefully I haven't jinxed us with this post.  These photos were all taken on the day Oscar and I first saw the place (and 6 others that day) with my little point and shoot camera.  I can't wait to get in there with a measuring tape (and my camera again).  Our shipment from the US has already arrived and is awaiting the go ahead for delivery, so it will be great to get in there.  Of course we will need some beds to begin with, and then we'll just slowly accumulate some more furniture.


  1. Great news, are you taking phone calls yet? Even if a few too many stairs for someone I know, but love the deck,(of course) very suitable for planning spies. How about a google earth reference.
    love Dad

  2. and other things...car space? nearest park for Honey walks, and beach for swims, studio space [apart from the bomb thing, which seems like an ideal drummers room], enough outside room for pattern practice? Bbq room on the deck? cycling possibilities? Quite interested in when it was built, sort of a tad of art deco suggesting 30's but I don't really think that, does have, in its own way, a feel of pre war Saigon building, upgraded of course...all in all quite exciting.
    yes I know I should be arting but...
    love Dad again

  3. Well done, it looks exciting and you will have enough space to spread out and not trip over one another. Poor Honey, I hope she remembers you all when she arrives, but someone told me that dogs have no real sense of time and it might only feel like minutes to her. I have my fingers crossed that you'll get it.
    mum xxx

  4. Oh I love it. I do hope it happens for you this weekend. It doesn't look as if it needs a gardener but you never know... And I'd love to Wu Tao up on that roof deck.
    Maggie XXXX

  5. ohhh cant wait to hear if its yours!!! Good luck. So exciting xxx


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