28 August, 2012


Yesterday Oscar and I went off to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) for a little look.  It's not a huge museum, but I suspect that it frequently changes the exhibits.  It's in a fantastic old colonial building (it used to be a Catholic boys school), and I had as much fun looking at the architecture as the art.

 The painting below was my favourite of the gallery's main exhibition: a Chinese artist called Jia Aila
What I liked the most about the gallery is that it didn't take itself too seriously.  All the art was contemporary Asian and there was a real sense of fun with it.
 If you look closely at this piece (a self portrait) it is made entirely of squirty bottle tops: either open or closed.

 I was quite excited to see needlepoint on the wall as "art".  This is part of a collection of different art, by a Thai artist, recording correspondence with her family.

 I love the devil dogs attacking the meal.... and these bean bag guys below.
Always interesting to get out and see art with a different perspective.


  1. Love the building and floors - can't wait to go there. I'd like our place to look like that. I've got the art work...
    Maggie XXXX


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