26 August, 2012

Would you like a tour?

Sorry for dropping off the radar a bit last week.  Both Kit and I got sick (he had 2 days off school in his first week).  To make up for it, I thought I'd give you the tour of our apartment here: warts and all.  As in our air shipment arrived yesterday and we are still trying to find places to put everything.
 In the entry way/dining room looking into the kitchen (that is just a wall of mirrors, not something useful like a cupboard).
 Standing a few feet over looking to the front door and the shoe pile (no shoes inside in SG)
 Standing on the other side of the dining table looking into our living room.  Poor Ella had just staggered out of bed.
 Standing back where I was before, looking down the hall to the bedroom doors.
 The next 3 photos I took standing in the same place, just pivoting...Kit and Ella's room.
 My bedroom.  Kit has set up the playstation (which arrived yesterday) in there and has been playing his birthday games non stop.
Oscar and Remi's room.
So there you have it.  It is tight (and messy).  And I am sick of airconditioning already. We try not to have it on all the time, and to open up windows, but most of the windows are locked, and there are no fans.

The kids have had a good first week of school.  Ella has made 3 friends already and they have a nice little group; 2 Americans (one has just come from Shanghai) and a Vietnamese Australian (just come from Vietnam).  She seems really happy and is loving that she has both art and drama at school every week.  Kit's week was obviously a bit of a bust.  He came off the bus on Wednesday feeling really unwell, and while he's fine now after some antibiotics, it means he really only had 2 days of school last week.  Remi seems to be loving his school.  He's made heaps of friends and went out (and took Oscar) with his friends both Friday and Saturday night.

Oscar is finding it all a bit hard, although he's really got into playing rugby here, and it was good for him to be able to hang out with Rem and his friends.  He and I were getting out for the few days before Kit and I got sick.  Today I am looking forward to hanging out by the pool for a few hours before starting another busy week.


  1. Yippeeee have been waiting for a tour. Where's the amah? I couldn't bear to have locked windows!!
    Good school news - let's hope it works out for Kit this week too, and that things start happening for Oscar. Enjoy the pool.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. I suppose you and Matt haven't time for a bedroom...far too busy.

  3. ahhh so good to hear from you. and to hear how the kids are doing. hope everyone gets healthy again soon. The apartment is tight but cool! So good you have a pool! Love to have Osc for a holiday!!!!

  4. what a bummer the kids and you got sick..guess you can expect that when you have been expending yourself getting everything done at VT and then the wind down!!!! so good the kids are happy at school and making friends ..it is early days yet...Love the lived in apartment...but i am with you...i would hate not being able to open the windows..( why cant you???are you too high up or something..are they scared you might fall out????) i am back on the radar too now..hopefully things will slow down before the Christams wind up....sigh!!!!

  5. It's funny, your place looks JUST like our temporary place in NY.. But we are moving in to our new apartment in Gramercy Park tomorrow! Can't wait! Hope you all settle in well, good luck!
    Wish you were here!


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