25 June, 2012

Up there

Life is feeling very surreal right now.  Last night was our last time driving down from our "weekend house" to our "main house" which is mostly empty and has very few places to sit.

Matt drove the Uhaul up with Remi late Friday night.  I was too tired after a day of loading, so I left early with Kit and Ella and got up just before 10 am on Saturday.  (Totally picked the right size truck; all those games of tetris finally paid off).   Oscar stayed down to go to the Governor's Ball music festival on Randall's Island (his birthday present).  By the time I got up there, Matt was well into emptying the Uhaul, and though it took most of the day to pack, it was pretty quick to pull everything out again.

Unfortunately, our shed isn't finished (getting on to him today), so we have loads of stuff piled up in the house.  But it made me so happy to see my furniture in my house. Can't wait to get up there on Friday.  When people ask me "are you excited about moving to Singapore?" (which they do, constantly), I say, "Not yet.  But I am excited about moving up to Vermont for the summer."

So here are some photos of the chaos up there:
 My new dining room rug.  This floor really needs refinishing, so it needs a big rug.  This one is an indoor/outdoor one from Home Depot which, for the size, was super cheap.  And it looks fantastic with the dark wood pieces we have in there now.

 My other big rug looks like it was made for this room.  The "music room".  It's so cosy in there now.

 My lovely little room has temporarily become the shed storage room...
 Ella's room got my two lovely cabinets that we inherited in New York years ago.  I'm dying to have a go at refinishing these....will have to see if I have enough time.
And the back barn room is looking less crowded since we got rid of the sleigh coffee table (some one drove up from Pennsylvania to buy that), the honking great TV cabinet and the enormous ugly couch.  Kit did manage to totally break that chair he's sitting on right before we left (it was a freebee), so I may have to get another little couch for in there.

And while it's a mess, and there is still a lot that needs to be done, I can see the potential of it all.  Kit and Ella didn't want to come back down yesterday.  And when we go up next week, we won't have to come back down for nearly 6 weeks!  YAY!  Then I may start getting excited about moving to Singapore.


  1. House looks beautiful. I wouldn't want to leave.

  2. Heaven. Looks good to me.

  3. it feels like home i can see why you want to get excited about moving there...packing up totally SUCKS but unpacking excites me ...i love moving it about to find the exact place for it to live....happy moving..Singapore her you come....to do it all again...YEAH!!!!!

  4. Well done everyone, and despite the things still to unpack, it looks very homely and I'm sure you are going to love it. I will ring you this week before you move

    mum xx


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