22 June, 2012

Around here

Whew!  We've had/are having a busy week.  My morning consists of answering my overnight emails from Singapore (Kit and Ella have places in school, we are still waiting to hear about Remi) and packing/sorting/carrying/lifting, repeat.  And while the start of the week was cardigan wearing cool (I think I threw an extra quilt on the bed the other night), the last two days have definitely been "Singapore Training" days.  Sitting here just drenched.  It's 36C/98F and we are all hot and sticky.

However, things are finally starting to look like we really are moving.  All this is waiting to go into a big uhaul truck up to VT tomorrow.
 We're down to mattresses on the floor.  Ella in Kit's "room'.
We are packing and prepping.  Ella's room half painted back to white.
 And dumping...Who knew that a 20' dumpster would be a tight squeeze (we still have all the mattresses to go).  I have also done about 10 runs to goodwill.  And the boys have spent the last two days carrying furniture up to the road for freebies where it has been whisked away at astounding speeds.
 And while we have been hard at work, the sometimes-here-contractors who have been doing the wall have been working hard the last few days too.  It's all go around here!

I am debating whether or not to try and transplant my hydranger up to VT... not sure we will fit it in this weekend.
 And while the boys (particularly this one) are working really hard during the day, they disappear in the evenings - making the most out of seeing friends before we head up to VT next Friday.


  1. Sounds scary...less exciting than just scary...good luck, don't expect to see too many more blogs from CT, which is a bit of a shame, but that's enough reading comments, you obviously have too much work to do.

  2. Wow, you must be feeling a bit of relief getting this far, but I feel sad that I won't stay by the beautiful pond in Connecticut again. Life moves on....lots of love to you all and good moving!!

    mum xxx

  3. Thinking of you LOTS and hoping your back will be super strong. Love ya xxx


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