29 June, 2012

Last day

The packers came in on Wednesday, the dumpster is mostly full - just our mattresses to go in there before we head off today.  The fridge and cupboards are just about empty and the internet/electricty/phone etc will be cut off today.

I have to get Matt off to work, pack up the last things in the car (I had to do another load up on Wednesday night - drove back Thursday/yesterday  morning), and ditch the last lingering things from this house.  When I first moved in here, I thought I would be sad leaving, but I really don't feel sad.  I feel relieved. The stuff that we've had to put up with has been stressful and wearing.  I will be so happy to get up to MY house today.  Even though it is just filled with things that we have to find homes for...


  1. Another chapter closes... say goodbye to the swans and geese for me...lovely to see you all and talk to you this morning. Happy and safe travels and enjoy Vermont. mum xxx

  2. Dad just back from Sydney Biennale(wonderful) so can now check your week of blog comments, glad to see the banjo mandolin has pride of place in Vermont, and intrigued by the VOX 30...who is using that and with what? I only have a VOX 15...but failed to see an important Huon Pine bowl anywhere.
    Anyway I hope you enjoy your Summer.
    ps Tri who has now moved back from Saigon, is disappointed that you did not move to Singapore a couple of years ago so he would have had someone to visit when he did his trips there, but now back permanently in Sydney.

  3. I feel a bit sad though.... Really enjoyed my stays there. New adventures for you now. LOVE Vermont and you've done amazing things to your home there - and who wouldn't want to live next door to the Swinny family. xxx

  4. Sweet sorrow.
    I will get to see your house in Vermont.
    Maggie XXXX

  5. Good luck everyone! Dave

  6. I loved that house and our few visits there!!! BUt understand. Hope all is going well up in VT. xx


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