17 June, 2012

Quick trip

On Friday morning Ella and I did a quick trip up to VT mainly to drop off a load of tubs and things that will go into storage up there.  We will do a U haul trip next weekend with furniture and the rest of the stuff, but I wanted to make sure that we are able to fit everything in.  Totally missing my minivan right now, as the jeep that we've borrowed from friends really doesn't fit much in....

But while we were up there, we put up the bed that used to be in Oscar's room. If you remember, I painted the floor last time we were up, and it looks so much better than the patchy pink floor that used to be there.  My goal with this room is to make it more of a grown up room for when we rent it out - a second master bedroom if you like. 
 This bed really is huge.  I can't even begin to imagine why it was originally in the other room.
Unfortunately the colours are a bit weird in these photos and look a lot colder than they are in real life.  That rug on the floor is white...

Of course, there is still lots to do, like putting up the trim, building that cupboard, and moving some more furniture in (at the moment, her TV is sitting on the window sill, which just goes to show how deep those side windows are as it's an old TV which is nearly as deep as it is wide).
We also hung some new curtains in the window here.  I just love these Ikea curtains.  $10 a pair! I need to take them up a bit (I'll do that when we move up in 2 weeks and I have the iron up there), but I do love the puddling of them on the floor.
Funnily enough, I don't think I have many photos of what the floor used to look like (I deliberately avoided taking photos of it) but here are some before photos of her room.
The real estate photo showing the undamaged side of the room.  It was so crowded in here with all that extra furniture and the bed tucked into the window alcove.  You can just see the pink floor, but it is slightly overshadowed by all the other patterns and colours going on (check out the hallway!), so it looks quite neutral.  To give you perspective, the purple wall with the screen against it is the same wall in the first photo with the bed.
 Here was the window with all the damage from the leaking flashing.  The water damage was amazing and the floor boards in the room downstairs are still slightly warped from the amount of water that was coming through.  This is after Remi and I ripped back all the plaster and the photo below is after the contractors built it all back again. Once again, you can just see the pink floor.

Meanwhile, our storage shed is being built.  This photo was taken by our neighbour who has been sending us updates.  I have to admit that I didn't even go up and have a look at it while we were up there.... The door is at the other end, where there is a break in the stone wall and an access point.  I had intended to go up and have a look, but right before I was about to I got a call from Remi saying that he'd split his eye open and possibly needed stitches...
He and Oscar were at the New England Rugby tournament in Massachusetts, 2 hours drive for me and 1 1/2 hours from home.  Fortunately he got a lift home, some butterfly clips and by the time I got home, there wasn't much we could do and he seems fine.  Sore, but fine.  

This is him (4th from the right in the front) with the U17 CT team.  [ I think this is a strange photo and they all look like they don't have arms...]  They lost. 
Oscar was in the U19 team, and they won so he will be going back today to play again. Matt's also going up to referee. 


  1. So now you will have stuff in storage in Sydney ( including important toy box)) and Vermont...if there is ever an eventual return to Tassie it is going to be interesting...how long will you be staying in Vermont before heading off to Singapore? Did see a nice retired tea plantation advertised for sale outside Malacca the other day, very suitable for a weekender...

  2. Poor Rem Rem!! The little shed is gorgeous, and i love what you've done on the front room. It's such a lovely room. You're goign to enjoy spending a lot of time up there.

    love mum xxx

  3. Where exactly is the shed - I can't picture it. So are you moving up there end of June?
    See you soon
    Nicola xxx

  4. that round ottoman and the puddling curtains....... LOVE


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