02 May, 2012

What you wish for

Every Sunday before we leave VT Ella wishes that we didn't have to go.  This week, she got her wish. She and I got very sick on Saturday night with a raging sore throat and sneezing.  Rather than drive home on Sunday evening, I decided to have an extra night and drive home early Monday morning.   Which I somehow did.  Since then I've been basically bed ridden.  Planning on going back to bed any minute, but thought I'd better check in here first.
  It also gave me time to finish the floors. (although I am sure you are all sick of photos of my floors!)
 I was glad, actually, as it also gave me a chance to peel off the painters tape that I'd put on over a week ago.  I used green tape this time as it was cheaper, and they say that it can stay on for 8 days without damage, but it must have been exactly 8 days, and it was pulling off paint everywhere, which meant that I had to do lots of green touch ups.  You can see how the floor is already marked.  This is an old dusty house which is impossible to clean thoroughly.

 I'll start putting some furniture back in next week. I just wanted to give the paint a chance to cure.  I put a chair into the bathroom too soon after painting and the feet stuck to the paint.

I also finished the cowl.  As Ella and I were taking it easy, there was knitting time, with movies of course.  It think it is really pretty.  And so warm.


  1. It looks so SMART and spic and span! Well done. I hope you and Bella are starting to feel better. Was visited by Danny (your cousin) and his new finance yesterday and will take some pics tomorrow. Mum xx

  2. Love the floors. Look forward to nosing around this weekend on the progress made. Love the cowl as well - is that for you or going on etsy?????

  3. NEVER sick of the house pics..... irk, hope you better soon. Love ya x


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