28 April, 2012

Saturday morning

Ella has gym last period on a Friday, so we've been a bit sneaky a few times this year and I pick her up from school early, before gym, so we can head up to VT together and miss most of the Friday evening traffic. The girl does 5 dance classes and one martial arts class a week; one period of gym isn't really going to matter.

It also means that we can get up here, have dinner and I still have time to do some work on the house.

Last night, I wanted to get as much of the floor done as possible. It's tricky working out how we can still use the stairs, how I can do one coat of primer, and two coast of paint (with a long drying period between as I'm using exterior paint) all in one weekend.

Some of this still needs a second coat. But gosh it's looking good. It shows up shinier in the photos than it is to the natural eye, and once it starts getting walked on that sheen will come down even further.

I love it. And I'm tempted to do the two bare floors as well. But I do have lots of other jobs that need doing, so for now I'll just stick to covering up the hideous maroon floor that was. I still have a small strip down one side of the stairs.

I'm also loving how my knitting is growing. This stitch is so lofty and almost like a waffle stitch. I find when I'm knitting continuously like this with very little stitch variation, I can sometimes get bored, but I just want to keep knitting this to see what colour is coming next, and to feel more of the lovely springy texture of the stitch. I will reward myself this evening with a bit more knitting, but first the floors!

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  1. I love it, George. Absolutely beautiful.
    Maggie XXXX

  2. Hmmm...shouldn't that be five martial arts and one dance...or perhaps 5 of each

    lovely blog


  3. It's looking wonderful, well done. And I'm sure Ella is one fit girl, and missing gym won't matter at all.

    Have a read of an email I sent you. mum xx

  4. it looks brilliant George!


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