05 May, 2012


I awoke very early this morning to a raging thunderstorm.  All it has done all week is rain.  No rugby training, cancelled matches, soggy ground.  It reminds me of the tropics this time of year....just colder.

Today is the first day that I have managed to get both out of my pyjamas, and my bed.  It's been a nasty bug this one.  I even missed Kit and Ella's last music concert for the year.  Ella managed to drag herself along after 3 days in her own bed.  I think she wanted to get well so that she could go on her school field trip to the Bronx zoo the next day.  She said she liked the tiger best.

I hate weeks like this- I have literally done nothing except watch a few movies (Hanna, Bridesmaids, Frequently asked questions about time travel) and sleep.  Lots of sleeping.  Oh and become totally addicted to the logos quiz app thanks to my teenage boys.  If you have an app happy device, download it (it's free) and have a go.  It's both scary to think how much we are victims of advertising, and fascinating to see which logos are really easily identifiable.

Up to VT again tonight.  Not sure how much I will be up to this weekend, but no doubt something will get done.  Hope you have a good weekend.

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