21 May, 2012

weekend works

We got up LATE on Friday night.  So we only had Saturday and Sunday to get through all our work.  On the agenda this weekend; the dining room.  We started with this:

And finished with this.  Ready to be primed and painted next time.  I just put 3/4 inch dry wall over the plaster.  My first time doing a room.  And apart from a few botched outlet holes, it all went really well.

 We've also been moving some of our furniture and books up.  We're taking as little as possible with us to Singapore.  Most of our books have moved to Singapore, the US, back to Sydney and back to the US.  We're slowly learning that it's better to let them stay put.  And we finally have somewhere for them to stay. There are boxes and boxes of books.  We still have 3 bookcases in CT to sort and move the contents up. I like the idea of our house having a nice library. Matt and I are total bibliophiles and I love it when I get to look through other people's bookcases. We are culling some, and some we will bring.  Our furniture that we want to keep will stay in the house, and we had fun looking at sheds on Saturday so that we can put clothes and personal effects into our own storage shed which we are going to be putting in up the back.  [At the moment, our house here in CT has piles everywhere: to go to VT, to go to SG or to be donated.  I have already taken 29 bags of clothes to good will.]

The front room now looks like this...
We moved the piano in from the dining room.  As I am getting rid of furniture that was already in the house, I'm able to move things where I want them.  This house was ridiculously over furnished, and with not so useful things. Looking forward to getting my big floor rug into this room.  It will make it extra cosy.

 And although I had plans to build a bookcase in here, I discovered that our IKEA book cases were an almost perfect fit.  Lots of space for more books.  They all need sorting, and I suspect we may end up putting some baskets of toys (lego and playmobile) in here too.
 Ella slept in here over the weekend, and I think she has designs on this room.  She made herself quite at home.
 The rug and bedside table moved up from our bedroom here in CT.
Busy busy weekend. But we had GORGEOUS weather.  We sat outside in the sun on Saturday evening after finishing up work.  And yesterday, Matt took Kit and Ella up to the snowmaking pond for a swim!  I opted for a bath.   I'm so tired and sore.

  I updated this post this morning.  Did it very late last night, and it was a little sparse on words.


  1. Books to Vermont? Won't they be going to Singapore avec vous? Or are they to ensure the guests don't run out of important reading material.

  2. Wow!! the place is being transformed before our eyes!! Some of your skiing friends might have friends who'll want to rent out the house. Word of mouth, or are you going to try and rent it out for a whole year? I look forward to still being able to spend time there in the future. mum xx

  3. It looks great!Maybe we can rent it too? How is the skiing there? And fishing?

  4. Yes, yes Hilde. 3 ski mountains with in 15 minutes drive, cross country skiing trails all around and 5 minutes away. Loads of fishing nearby too. Not to mention walking/ snow shoeing trails etc, and lovely places to swim in lakes rivers and ponds. Oh how we love it up there.

  5. Georgia - it looks gorgeous. Will bring the shelves up anyway this weekend in case you can use them for something else. Wish it was going to be you guys up here for ski season as we would have so much together.

    N xxx

  6. We'll definately want to rent! Sounds, and looks, great.


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