23 May, 2012


 This week has been all about the dancers. And the rain, but let's focus on the dancers.  It's the last week of dance classes, so they do professional photos in their costumes before the concert which is in 2 weeks time.   That means lots of hair/makeup and fancy dresses.  Ella has done 2 of her classes - still 3 more to go.
While the professional photographer takes fancy posed shots with lights, mine are much less professional.  But I do have a Degasian fascination with all the ballet skirts and the movement and I kind of love the blurring.
Monday's ballet class which they are both in.  Ella's dress has a kind of purple haze to it which gets lost in the bright lights.

 Today was Ella's pointe class.  She's the youngest in the class and one of the last to join the class.  She's doing so well, although by the end of the class she was exhausted with aching feet.

More photos tomorrow...


  1. They are wonderful!!! I'm going to have the whole lot printed out for myself and Peg. Ella you look so absolutely gorgeous and balleriny - much more than the older girls. And Kit looks much slimmer too. Thanks sooo much for putting them up and bringing joy to my day. mum xx

  2. good one, of course Kit can go straight to Martial Arts in his outfit.

  3. My mate at work announced today that she had a new grandchild - Ella Violet. I went straight to your blog and there was Ella Rainbow. The girls were blown away, of course.
    Wasn't game to show them Oscar...
    Maggie XXXX

  4. forgot to say I like the Degas touch too. And I like Steve's idea of Kit going straight to martial arts - very James Bond.

  5. I LOVE those pics of the ballet dancers in the dark tulle dresses...the blurry look is amazing...well done Ella and Kit...

  6. Well that was a real treat thanks Georgia. I love Kit's ballet stance!! And love the frothy, ballerina dresses on Ella Rainbow! Wish I could see them in action...


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