21 May, 2012


The next month my be heavy on Oscar photos.  With his final month of school coming up, 18th birthday etc.  Apologies, but it may be the last chance I get to play "Mum" with him.

Prom photos from Friday night.  Matt, Kit, Ella and I went up to VT late Friday night (house photos to follow).  We got some photos of Oscar at his pre prom function.

 His date, Maeve.  She's a pom, just returned from 2 years in Hong Kong, and in Remi's grade.

 This little guy is the younger brother of one of Oscar's friends.  He ADORES Oscar.
 His group of friends.  The pre prom gathering was at one of his friends' house (she's also English).

He said he had a really fun night.


  1. Oscar looks great and I love Maeve's dress. Wow he looks so grown up - making me feel very old…..

  2. How absolutely gorgeous. Oscar you look so grown up and handsome. Thanks so much for the photos; keep them coming!!!

    mum xxx

  3. good one Oscar,very poncy

  4. What a handsome young man!


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