27 April, 2012

It's seasonal

 It seems that I have a seasonal affliction.  Come spring time, I am itching to spin.  Even if I haven't touched my spinning wheel for a whole year.  Spring time just seems the right time to spin.  [I also tend to make all my quilts in spring, and I have one in the works waiting to be put together, but I'm waiting until I finish working on the dreaded blanket so that I have enough room to lay it all out].
 So this week (even though there are SO many other things I could/should be doing) I spun up the last of my dyed fleece (I still have 3 bags of gorgeous alpaca that my mum sent me-thanks mum!-but I'm saving them for something special).  It's a bit of a mix of colours, but I actually really love the muted-ness of it.  It looks almost grey with a bit of colour.   It's a mix of different fleeces; alpaca, angora, wools of various breeds.  My desire to get back into spinning may have been sparked by this amazing book that I got out of the library which made me realise that I actually know very little about spinning.  And during the process, I was reminded that my spinning wheel needs a bit of work and I need to glue my bobbins back together (all manner of squeaking could be heard, and it was hard going at times).
 And then, of course, I had to start knitting with it.  What I love most about spinning wool like this, with lots of colours, is the surprise of seeing what it will look like when knitted.  This is such a lovely soft wool, that I decided to knit another cowl, even though I don't need any more of them. Maybe I'll put it on Etsy, or maybe I'll give it to someone as a gift.
I'm loving the subtle striping so far.   I am using the same stitch that I used to knit this cowl (2 photos below), but because it's on smaller needles with a finer wool, the stitch pattern is much more visible. 
  I live in this cowl; in fact I'm wearing it right now (although this is an old photo of it). I love to have the warmth of it on the back of my neck, and have it dangle down more at the front.

Oh, and apparently this is my 1001st post on this blog!  Feel like I should have a party or something.


  1. but have you finished the repair job? When will we see photos of that brought back to better than new?
    Dad (a bit of a near disaster day doing stone lithographs in the printing room yesterday)

  2. Wow that looks gorgeous. When are you next up in Vermont. We are up weekend after next.
    N xxx

  3. great job Auntie Georgia ....but then you are such a magician with all things beautiful and crafted...
    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 101st blog post...i am looking forward to the next hundred and one...

  4. I just bought a black cowl the other day ... probably acrylic cause it was from Kmart!! Love em. Glad the spinning wheel is about to get another workout. Sounds like my treadmill!!! he he!

  5. Wow! that's a lot of blogging! The colours are beautiful. Maybe you'll inspire me to drag out that knitting I started 3 winters ago. (I have looked at it a couple of times, honestly, but I couldn't work out where to start again. I need more perseverence like you)

    mum xx


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