14 March, 2012

An article worth reading about pinterest.

I'm fairly new to pinterest, and I really enjoy it. I've found some gorgeous new ways to do Ella's hair, some recipe ideas, some lovely inspirational home photos, and some interesting craft ideas. And I have been guilty of pinning away like mad. Hey, it was the latest fun new thing on the internet. However, I've become aware of a lot of backlash against pinterest which I think is totally justified. I just read a really good article which explains it all really well here: http://www.ohmyhandmade.com/2012/contributors/pinterest-ethics/comment-page-1/#comment-44663
(sorry, can't link it in properly as I'm on my ipad).

I'm now seriously rethinking whether or not I will continue to use pinterest. On the one hand it has the potential to be a good marketing tool, and it's a fun way to browse (like looking through magazines). But I just can't support those terms and conditions the way they stand at the moment.

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