15 March, 2012


 We've had the most gorgeous weather the last few days.  Warm, sunny (today and the day before at least). Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea outside.
 Daffodils are blooming and all the animals are going slightly strange with spring fever.  Certainly not our usual mid March weather.  The kids are wearing shorts to school, the boys are coming home from rugby training with pink faces.
  But it is lovely to sit outside - or it would be if we didn't have on going construction in our yard.  I took this photo a few weeks ago.  They leave it like this for weeks on end, and we don't see them. It actually looks worse today as there were 3 more deliveries of boulders.  Makes for a not very peaceful day.  Ho hum.  At least I could listen to my ipad and block out most of the noise.

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