13 March, 2012

pillow design

I've been doing quite a few new pillow designs over the last week or so.  I really love these, and while I can't say that they are selling like hot cakes, I think they have a lot of charm, and I really enjoy making them.

I thought I'd share my process with you.  

First, I start with a sketch of how I think I'd like my animal to look.  I usually start by looking at some  photos, and work from there.
 From there I trace around one of the two squares I have for the two different sized pillows that I make, so that I have a template to work inside, and do a larger sketch.  This usually involves a lot of erasing, to get the lines just right, and both sides of the face symmetrical.
 I then go over those lines in a dark pen, and work out what the different pieces of fabric will be.
 Then I decapitate!  I cut out the pieces, as I will sew them and trace around them onto card.  This creates my templates, so that I can make the same pattern again if I wish. I have to think carefully about the order in which I cut them, as I do over lap a lot of the pieces.

Once I have my pattern, I use iron on adhesive and trace over the pattern pieces (it has paper on one side).
 I then cut these, and iron them onto my various fabrics.  When it's time to sew it all together, that paper peels off and there is more adhesive, so it's just a matter of ironing everything into place.
 Even though the adhesive is pretty strong, I also sew around every edge.  The iron on adhesive prevents the edges from fraying, and keeps the pillows looking good for a long time.  I've used this adhesive on many t-shirts for the kids and they hold up for years being washed regularly.  I usually spend the most time positioning the eyes.  The eyes are very important to the over all finished look.
 And here is my finished fox.  A vixen, I think.
I have these two little guys in the works too (an American river otter and a European badger), but I have temporarily run out of my iron on adhesive.

So, there you have it.  Quite a growing menagerie of animals on cushions.  Not quite sure where the obsession comes from.  But I have always liked the idea of art being useful.  All of these designs are (or will be) available in my Etsy store, of course.


  1. you never cease to amaze me talented lady...once agin amazing...love them

  2. This is a very clever ploy to get us to buy them - so much easier!! And very good value.
    Maggie XXXX

  3. They are lovely, and the fox looks like he's made of furry material. mumxxx


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