06 February, 2012

On a roll

 I'm thinking of asking the UN if I could become their official woolly cushion flag maker.  There are some fun flags out there!
 This is the Welsh flag.  After my beloved step mother, Maggie,  left a comment yesterday about how the union flag was lacking Welsh dragons (or indeed any part of the Welsh flag!!!), I thought I'd better remedy that for her.
A quick google search for "simplified welsh dragon" and some graph paper to mark it all out and I was away.   This dragon will not be living with us though... Maggie has a birthday coming up, so he will be flying across the sea to Australia.

Oh, and I have decided to extend my OWL GIVE AWAY, to give some more time for people to spread the word.  


  1. He's fantastic, I'm sure Mggie will give him a good home. mum xx

  2. Sorry Maggie, it pressed the publish button before I saw the missing 'A'.

  3. I really like the idea of UN members having to knit / crochet a flag before they can cast a vote - a time for focussed quiet reflection. In fact I think it should be a requirement in a democracy that everyone must sit down and knit / crochet a flag before they can enter the polling booth. The crochet revolution. I like it.
    Maggie XXXX


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