04 February, 2012

Just because

 Remember how I was looking for something to do while watching movies yesterday?  Well, here it is.  I always love the look of the union flag as a decorating motif.  It has such a graphic quality, which, for me, has nothing to do with imperialism or nationalism or any such thing.  I just think it's pretty.  So I was wondering if I would be able to work out a way to make a flag with crochet.  I had no idea if I would be able to do it.  Lots of problem solving and yes, some trimmed edges to make it all fit.
 But I love this.  It's really bulky (3 layers of crochet) and really snuggy.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it when finished, but Matt loves it, and seeing as I was short a birthday present for him, it's already found an owner ( he was born in the "mother county" after all).


  1. Happy Birthday Matt! Have a good day, love Lorraine

  2. Very Carnaby Street. You are so clever - can't imagine how you did that. I am not a fan of the Union Jack myself - where's the dragon? - the most important flag is missing.

  3. late happy birthday from Dad, who is finding it sometimes complicated to get internet access as he travels round tassie.
    Went to MONA today. Dr Siss had to stay with Penny Lane while I was there, he has been the star of the show so far.
    You probably don't expect me to comment on the croquet. But your other stuf has moved to another level.

  4. If I could "croquet", or even crochet, I'd still take a month to do it - not a day like you.... x


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