10 February, 2012

Catching up

Just thought I'd check in to let you all know I am still here. I haven't made anything for a few days and I'm getting a bit antsy.
Oscar hurt his shoulder at wrestling the other night. We thought at first he'd broken his collar bone, but after xrays yesterday, it turns out it's more likely just (!) a rotator cuff injury. He's super bummed as the district finals start today and he was ranked 4th. He still wants to go and support the team, so that's another weekend of not going up to VT...we can't really leave him to look after himself when he can only use one arm. (And yes, it's his right hand, so not sure how he's going to cope at school for a few weeks.)
At least we have snow forecast for tomorrow (although I'll believe it when I see it). It has been ridiculously spring like around here....even the daffodils are starting to grow. I have to keep reminding myself that it is early February, not late March.

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  1. Poor Oscar, so sorry to hear that. Rotten bad luck. I hope you have some snow as compensation for missing out on Vermont 2 weeks in a row. Off to Salamanca today, but our summer seems to have vanished and been replaced by a week of grey cool mornings, showers with not enough sun. mum xxx

  2. Commiserations Oscar!! Poor little dab. I think you should take the weekend job at Purl Bee George...
    Maggie XXXX

  3. what rotten luck for Oscar...there is always another finals day and another champion to beat Oscar...which means more trials to compete in and more time to perfect your moves...
    Happy Anniversary for the 13th Georgia and Matt...hope you find a nice place to celebrate ..(even if it is in your own dining room)...


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