15 February, 2012


I am SUCH a procrastinator!!! Don't get me wrong, I can work really hard and whizz through projects when they interest me.  But when I know things are going to be arduous, or tedious, I will push them to the back of my list of things to do.

This lovely bedspread is one of those things.  WAY back in June I got a call from a woman asking if I would be interested in repairing a bedspread for her.  She was quite insistent, but I had just had one lot of surgery, found out I had cancer and was about to go in for another lot of surgery.  So I put her off for a while, thinking that I would just say "no" when she called again.

And call she did.  In October I agreed to go and have a look at the bedspread- just to be professional about it before I said no.  That was my mistake.  Of course, I immediately fell in love with this bedspread; with its history, with all the work that someone a long, long time ago put into it.  At the time it felt like an honour to be given the opportunity to work on something like this.  I agreed to do it (for a fee of course), but gave myself A LOT of time.  And then...well there was the craft fair to prepare for and Christmas and ...well, here I am in February and I haven't touched it for 4 months!
 The repairing consists of sewing where the posts between the triangles are disintegrating, although, more often than not, I have to re do them with crochet cotton, making new posts as they are just too far gone.  It is back breaking work as I have to kneel/sit on the floor, and a terrible strain on my eyes (I desperately need new glasses), but the reality is that we need the money, and it was a commitment that I made.
detail of the repair work that is needed
detail of the repair work that I have done
But I kept putting it off.  And putting it off.  Until today I'd only done 9 hours work on it and I estimate there is at least 100 hours of work that need doing.  It is tedious and arduous, and I have to be up in the cold attic (my nose was running all morning) and it is BORING!  No, really really boring.  And painful on my old and aching body (have I whined enough to give you the picture?)  Today I worked on it for 4 hours straight.

So that's what I'll be doing for the next few weeks months.  I have to limit my other projects otherwise it will go back on the back burner.  So if there's not a lot of exciting new work coming out from me, you know why, although now that I've started work on it again, I'll probably start having lots of inspiration for all sorts of OTHER things.


  1. what an amazing piece of work - theirs and yours!!

    Good luck!!

  2. woooow, it is cool. Can you watch/listen to some good movies while you are doing it?

  3. But well done, for coming back to it! mum xx

  4. No luck chels, i have to do it up in the cold attic...no tv. And my ipod is playing up at the moment either, luckily i can listen to absolute radio on my ipad...

  5. hmmmmm women's work... Hope the pay is good. It is a beautiful piece - incredible that anyone could have that patience. I think you'll have to think of it as a meditation. And reverence.
    Maggie XXXX

  6. surely you can bring that gorgeously huge bedspread down into a warmer room to work on it??????? i sure hope you are going to charge that lady for this "slave labor" job???

    1. Nope, the attic is the only room big enough where i can shut the door to keep out the dog and cat, and where i don't have to keep moving it....it's that fragile.


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