14 February, 2012


 I can honestly say that I am over this winter.  Not because it has been unbearably cold or anything.
 Quite the contrary.   Our snow on Saturday had all melted before it even stopped snowing.  Yesterday, it was cold, but it felt so much colder due to all the mild temperatures we've had all winter.  We're just not used to it this year.
 It's so spring like out there that the daffodils are only a few days from showing their glowing yellow faces.  But for now, I will have to be content with washed out, faded, winter yellow.
It's mid February and we have't even had a proper winter.   It honestly feels like we've progressed too far into spring now to get one.  Some people might be happy at that prospect, but not me.
No wonder I've had to resort to knitting cushions.
[all photos taken today around our yard; no hat, scarf, or gloves required]

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