22 February, 2012


We came up on Saturday night and we have the week up here thanks to some president being born in February. And it's not a usual February break in VT....scarcely any snow on the ground. Although I keep getting caught out with how much colder it is than I'm expecting when we go out for walks.

My little "dump rescued stool" looks very happy with its cover.

I've been reading, and thoroughly enjoying, this book.

Ella and i have spent hours working on here 1000 piece puzzle she chose for a Christmas present. I took this photo yesterday and we are more than 3/4 done now.

And, as promised, Ella's rug in her room. She sits on it while she plays lego.

And there has been some walking, of course.

A fallen birch tree- I just loved them, and collected some birch bark.

With fungi. Be still my beating heart.

One happy puppy.

Our very colourful, in progress, house.

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  1. it makes me so happy seeing your VT house xxx

  2. The full vermonty - keep it coming!
    Maggie XXXX

  3. loving the house Auntie Georgia...enjoy the break...fun fun fun...


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