27 January, 2012

studio futzing

 Happy Australia Day (although I know it has come and gone in Australia).  The kids were over the moon that I made them lamingtons for after school snack today.

And while it rained/snowed/sleeted on and off through the day, I took myself up to my studio to kind of futz around on a few ideas that have been rattling around in my head lately. (avoiding sick children- Kit was home with a cold today and Oscar and Remi have been sneezing all over the place too).

This little chipmunk almost got made into a 3 dimensional painted fabric little guy, but half way through, I decided he wasn't working so he was deconstructed.  But I still liked him, so I had a go at painting him  2 dimensionally.

 And I had a play around with doing some collages.  Kind of like my pillows, but I'm waiting to make some more of those until I work out the best way to just make covers as the postage costs of sending a full cushion is just to much.  These photos were all taken tonight, so they're a bit dodgy. (And we're off to VT tomorrow -finally- so I wasn't sure if I'd get around to doing this post then).  That's why I put both photos in... to give you a better idea.  I matted this one, as I had a spare mat that fitted.

 And a raccoon and fox who were too big for the mat.  I kind of like where these are going- would be cute in a kid's room, but not sure they are how I want them yet.  The fox looks like he has sunglasses on...

I really want to make some more of the cushions.  I sold all my foxes (except for one I kept for myself), so I think I might make some more of those.  And I want to make another raccoon as I loved that one and almost kept it too.  But the woman who bought him said she loves him, so I have to be happy with that.

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  1. sorry i havent been by lately...working 20 hours a week and trying to be a good niece to a 93 yo aunt has kept me busier than usual...love reading your blog and so glad that you are a patriotic Aussie who makes her kids Lamingtons on Australia Day...goodonyagirl...he he


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