25 January, 2012

rag rugging again

 For Christmas Santa gave me this enormous crochet hook.  I mean, how does he know exactly what I want?  And I have been promising Ella for months that I'd make her a rag rug for her floor in VT- she often sits on the cold floor playing legos or playmobil - but couldn't face the amount of time and effort involved in making another plaited one, but thought I'd have a go at one crocheted from old t-shirts.
The cutting is very tedious (thumb blisters and all), but I only started this yesterday afternoon.  And yes, these are all real rags- old t-shirts and hoodies and old pillow cases made from t-shirt fabric.  Hopefully it will do the trick in Ella's room up there - although I'm not sure how that red will look with the pink (!BLECH!) painted floor in her room....


  1. ohhh fun, I have always wanted to make one of these. I have one pinned in my Pinterest folder on a hula hoop that looks cool.

  2. In my experience Santa always knows what we want, usually 'cos we tell him, and sometimes if we are very lucky we even get it...and then again...sometimes, no I probably should not go on about xmas 1963...just about time to move on


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