31 January, 2012

round up

  A lovely very chilled weekend in Vermont.  The weather up there is just as strange as down here, and it was more like the end of winter, rather than a month in!  These were the only 2 photos I took when we went out for a walk.  That's the "mail" car and it cracks Matt up that his license plate says "US MALE". Good to know he's a home grown postman!
 We had haggis for Robbie Burns night with our Scottish friends, and I delivered my birthday present painting as we had one less in the car this weekend, so we could actually fit the painting in.  It was even more of a hit than I could have hoped for.  It always makes me happy when I know that someone really loves something I've made.

Today, I've been keeping away from Matt who's sick with a cold- hiding up in my studio.  A bit of painting, a bit of sewing.  These lovely woolens arrived today (they were on special) and I can't wait to turn them into fox pillows.
 And playing around with a cat....I find cats so hard but I really want to get it right.  This is getting there- a bit of tweaking is required.


  1. Perhaps it's like 'Me Tarzan' 'Us Male'...
    Glad the painting was a mega success - that must have felt good!!
    I think Matt just needs to gargle with dettol.
    The former Wicked Defective Step Monster XXXX

  2. It looks so atmospheric and gorgeous in the snow. Maybe the postman has a good sense of humour, soemone should flag him down and ask him about it. I'm glad you had a good Robbie Burns night too. I haven't made comments lately because this blog looks a bit different and doeesn't have the same post a comment on the front page.

    Hope this works, but I might be posting something to Maggie.
    mum (Oakie)


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